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Nancy Ray: Press

"Her voice is beyond perfect for this type of music. I'm simply enchanted by how she carries the melody and the notes along in such simple and touching yet exquisite phrasing (Danny Boy). Just tears me up. It really tears me up to only hear 1:59 minutes of it!"
Anne Horstmann, musician, singer-songwriter - Knoxville, Tennessee
"Nancy Ray's performance evokes the joy and the pain of the Irish woman...both contemporary and in the historical context. She is indeed a rare talent"
Carol Clark, Entertainment Chair, Sacopee Concert Series - Cornish, Maine
"Nancy Ray is a wonderful singer. She sings these classic songs of Ireland and Britain with the conviction born from an intrinsic understanding of the depth and passion of their source."
Steve Romanoff, Schooner Fare - Falmouth, Maine
"Danny Boy...she sings it sincerely with a wistfulness that is unique. It made me think of a kind friend who tells you something that might be kinda hard to hear because it is so close and so true. But with Nancy one feels that right behind it all comes a wink and a hug and things will go on like that river under the Stone Bridge,"